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What's it all about?

If you have a cardiac arrest in the United States, your chances of survival can be up to 63%. In Australia, they are only 9%.

When you have a cardiac arrest, your heart stops. You have 3-4 minutes before you have irreversible brain damage. Even the fastest ambulance in the world won’t reach you in that time. If you don’t have bystanders who happen to know CPR, you will probably die.

CP-ARMY is an army born out of our Aussie willingness to help a fellow Australian, in their moment of need.

It only takes 15 minutes to be trained in CPR. Once you are trained, you will be ready to volunteer for our CP-ARMY. By joining, you will be part of a movement that could save 1,000 Australian lives, every month.

Join us soon.

We are currently in the development stage of CP-ARMY.